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"It is our mission to supply high quality alternative fuels to reduce energy costs for our customers and achieving a cleaner planet"


Tyre-derived fuel (TDF) is composed of shredded scrap tyres. Tyres may be mixed with coal or other fuels, such as wood or chemical wastes, to be burned in concrete kilns, power plants, or paper mills.

TDF has a very high energy content, with an average heat value of 15,500 BTUs per 0.45Kg of fuel. This is roughly the same as heavy petroleum fuel oils. Fuel begins to burn (flash point) at 290 to 340 degrees Celsius. Complete combustion is achieved with flame temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius.

Like fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, tyres contain hydrocarbons. Pound for pound, tyres have more fuel value than coal. Hundreds of thousands of used tyres are generated annually in the United Kingdom. By simply disposing of these tyres, we miss an important recycling opportunity:

the chance to recover their energy and conserve our resources of fossil fuels.

Cement making is an ideal process for recovering this energy. The intense heat of the kiln ensures complete destruction of the tyres. There is no smoke or visible emissions from the tyres. In fact, the use of tyres as fuel can actually reduce certain emissions.

Taurus Trading International can supply tyre shred in various sizes ranging from 20mm to first stage shred.  We export globaly and adhere to all Environmental Agency requirements.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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In a world with an increasing population and consumption there is a pressing need to use our resources in the best possible way. This involves reducing the generation of waste, high-quality recycling and use of the residual waste for efficient and clean energy generation.

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