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"It is our mission to supply high quality alternative fuels to reduce enery costs for our customers and achieving a cleaner planet"


Taurus Trading International Ltd are suppliers of alternative fuels to cement manufactures and waste to energy plants.


Taurus Trading Int. Ltd provide bulk shipments of various alternative fuels globally.  Taurus Trading Int. Ltd are a true resource management company, specialising in Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF)


Taurus Trading International Ltd are registered with the UK Environmental Agency as Upper Tier Carrier/Broker/Dealers and deal with all waste with the utmost duty of care.

We only deal with licensed waste producers and licensed plants for reclaim or re use.


Taurus Trading Int. Ltd also work in partnership with other licensed waste tyre producers and exporters assisting them with their procurement and export documentation. 

We understand your energy needs


In a world with an increasing population and consumption there is a pressing need to use our resources in the best possible way. This involves reducing the generation of waste, high-quality recycling and use of the residual waste for efficient and clean energy generation.

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